How can I make money with Cashperlink

This is question is very important both for advertisers and publishers, and we know that. Cashperlink is powered in that way that every one can success his online business with it. Publishers and Advertisers, both can make money with.

Before you can earn money with, you need to have your own account; you just need to register a free account, and start using. With one account only, you can apply to advertiser account, and at the same time, use publisher account.

Earn money as Publisher

Cashperlink will help you, as publisher, to make monthly revenue. There is no limite about how much you can make money daily. How? In 3 steps:

  1. Register free for an account
  2. Short your link from your account
  3. Share your shorten link to freinds, social networks, to your sites..., or post it to get visits

That is all: for every visit to your short link, you earn money. It's just that easy! So every link you want to post or share, why not short it to and share the shorten link? In that way, you will make money for every visit to your links.
In fact, advertisers pay us to advertise their sites, links or products. And we share 70% to publishers. As Publisher, if you short a link and share the link to someone, when he visits your shorten link, he will see some ads for at least 15 seconds. These ads are from our publishers, so you earn from there.

Earn money as Advertiser

With, you can success your online projects by advertise your services, producst, sites... What will be your incomes if your site or products has no visitors? Useless. To get sales, to reach your target, you need to engage more people around the world. This is why Cashperlink will helps you. You can creat 3 types of campaigns: Interstitial Ads, Banner Ads and Pop-up Ads. Every campaign you will creat will have unique vistors, and your ads will be display at least for 15s to thousant of visitors. In fact, we have a lot of active publishers who are y=using your ads to make money, so no wory about your products or sites. You will finaly reach your goals with

If you need any question, feel free to contact us, or comment here.

Published on: 1/25/17, 12:54 AM